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Apprenticeship Scheme: How Moduflow Are Investing in the Future

Apprenticeship Scheme: How Moduflow Are Investing in the Future

The world of taking on apprentices can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re completely new to the process, or have heard horror stories from other industries of the workload and pressures an apprenticeship scheme can put on staff and employers. 

But here’s the thing. No member of staff will last forever. No matter how much they love their job, how much they know, or how invested in the business they are. The fact is that all roles come to an inevitable end. Whether this be retirement, moving on for a change of scenery, relocation to a different town, city or country, or something unfortunate and unplanned such as illness or injury. 
Business owners need to be prepared, and the current ‘skills gap’ that is being recognised throughout many industries is not going to go away, if we as employers are not prepared to invest in our business’ future. We feel an apprenticeship scheme is a great way to do this.  

Why have an apprentice scheme? 

Apprenticeship schemes have come a long way, and it’s great to see that the opportunities offered are now open to a whole range of ages, skill levels and industries. It seems somewhat crazy, with the support offered by the Government and so many affiliated agencies, that the apprenticeship scene isn’t booming with businesses and prospective apprentices wanting a slice of the knowledge and job opportunities pie. 

A survey carried out by the Government in 2017, which interviewed 4000 businesses that run apprenticeship schemes, concluded that companies offering apprenticeships are: 

  • Closing the skills gap for the future of their industry. 
  • Improving staff retention by investing skills in new and existing employees. 
  • Contributing to the workforce in a cost-effective way, whilst still providing relevant training. 
  • Improving the services of their business through learned skills. 
  • Expanding and upskilling their workforce for the future of their business. 
  • Continuously motivating employees by offering training over time. 

Why we’re investing in the future 

In 2021 we at Moduflow opened our workspace doors, developed an apprenticeship scheme with our great partners at Gen2 and have taken on the next generation of Moduflow employees. We recognise the importance of investing, not only in the future of our business, but in our employees and those in our community. 
By expanding our workforce to include apprentices, we’ve ensured that the necessary skills are taught to our future employees. We’ve guaranteed qualifications and careers to people in our community, which we hope to expand even further the more experienced we become with the process. And through these apprenticeships, we are also supporting our existing staff with recruits focussed on learning their trade specifically for our industry field. 

So, even though the past year hasn’t been the best for any industry, why not take the opportunity to build an amazing workforce? Keep your industry supplied with amazing employees who are trained to a high level, filling the skills gap for the future and giving career opportunities to people in your community. The Government has dramatically improved its investment in apprenticeship schemes, offering funding through the Apprenticeship Levy to encourage and support your business to invest in the future. 

Here at Moduflow we want to continue to be suppliers of industrial fans and air movement systems to our worldwide customers for many years to come. By investing in an apprenticeship scheme, we know we’re securing our future as industry leaders, not only in our field, but in our employment commitment as well.  

For more information on the work we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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