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Industrial Fans: Design, Manufacture & Supply | Moduflow
Industrial Fans: Design, Manufacture & Supply | Moduflow
Air Movement Systems for the Biomass & Renewable Energy Sector

Air Movement Systems for the Biomass & Renewable Energy Sector

Industrial Dryers, Air Movement Systems & Industrial Fans for Biomass & the Renewable Energy Sector

Moduflow Fan Systems Ltd has been designing, supplying and installing industrial fans since 1979 and Ron Whitworth, Managing Director, has designed industrial fan systems for a number of Biomass Plants and other companies producing Biofuels in the Renewable Energy sector.

At Moduflow we have a range of fans which have the capacity to work efficiently in the production of Biomass fuel and will operate within the environment they have been designed for. We only supply fans that are fit for purpose and use the latest technologies to ensure that our fans are not only energy efficient, but will provide the best solution to your needs. The fact that Moduflow can provide a modular approach to your airflow specifications means you will get the best fan to fit your requirements every time.

Why Choose Moduflow for Your Biomass & Renewable Energy Systems?

  • Our team will provide you with the best fit solution to your needs.
  • Our experienced industrial fan system designers will design a system that will exceed your expectations and surpass your energy efficiency requirements.
  • Our Moduflow Fans can push or pull air through the coil. The advantage of pushing air through the coil is the fan and motor are unaffected by the heat of the coil.
  • Moduflow can design and build your AHU (Air Handling Unit) to meet your exact specifications. AHU from 100kw to 1500 kw.
  • Our energy efficient centrifugal fans offer a quiet solution for moving hot air to heat a room.
  • We supply fans that can withstand high temperatures and are perfect for the extraction of fumes from boiler systems.
  • Our fans can be used for the distribution and ventilation of air to ensure that work areas meet strict health and safety guidelines.

Choosing an Industrial Fan for Biomass Use

Here are some of the things you should consider when selecting an industrial fan for use within biomass or biofuel production.

Temperature and Heat Requirements?

Think about the heat specifications you require. We can supply and install a system that will handle heats from 100 kw to 1500 kw.

If using heat exchangers, the temperature may be too hot for certain industrial fans. It is very common for high temperatures in biomass applications, so let Moduflow know where a fan will be located and what maximum temperatures the fan will have to deal with.

What Pressure Do You Require?

If using an industrial fan for use in an industrial application, the fan must have enough pressure to achieve the desired results. Talk to our sales team more about what the fan is to be used for and we will come up with some ideas on the best fit fans for you.

Installation of Your Fan System

When selecting a suitable industrial fan, it is important to recognise the type of installation. Is the industrial fan to be installed directly into the equipment to produce or extract air? Where will the fan be positioned?

Maintenance & Control of the Industrial Fan

Inform Moduflow, with as much information as possible, about the project and your expectations. For example, tell us how long the fan will be needed for and whether the fan will always be used for the same purposes. Also consider if you require control of the fan speed to optimise energy efficiency, save money and ensure you get the best from your new industrial fan.

Volume of Air Required

The right selection of air volume helps with the heat transfer in biomass applications. Too much volume and the heat cannot be felt, too little and there would be too much heat. It is important that we understand the requirements of the air movement system and design a fan which will meet your requirements.

Take a look at an example of a Moduflow air movement system design for the Biomass sector: Moduflow 560-200kw AHU

For more information on industrial fan systems for biomass, biofuels and renewable energy applications, contact us on 01229 835555

Alternatively, find out more about our industrial fans here.

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