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Industrial Fans: Design, Manufacture & Supply | Moduflow
Industrial Fans: Design, Manufacture & Supply | Moduflow

Innovative Technology

Ziehl Abegg – High Performance Impellers

At Moduflow we select the best fan impellers to ensure that our fans provide the optimum performance for our customers. In Ziehl Abegg, we have a supplier who pride themselves on the high quality standards of their impellers and their innovative approach to development, which makes the fans the yardstick for industrial fans for the future.

Many of our fans use Ziehl Abegg’s Cpro ZAmid high performance impeller which provides an extremely light, stable, durable, quiet and efficient fan. The fan works well in high temperatures and the composite material makes the fan significantly lighter than standard steel fans, offering superior mechanical properties, lower power consumption and reduced noise.

Innovative Industrial Fan Impellers

The Ziehl Abegg Cpro ZAmid impellers provide the following advantages over standard industrial fans

  • Significant weight reduction, which reduces motor bearing loads and increases the system service life
  • Drastic reduction in noise generation
  • Significant increase of the impeller efficiency, which reduces the absorbed power
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Up to 15% energy savings during operation
  • Significant CO² reduction
  • Improved mechanical properties, comparable with steel

Powerful and Insusceptible AC Technology

Our innovative and efficient fans demand AC Technology which are dedicated to the future. Ziehl Abegg’s AC Technology is developed to work at unusual temperature ranges for demanding applications. The sturdily constructed, high quality motor technology remains consistent even under exceptional circumstances.

Intelligently used components such as the Ziehl Abegg F control frequency inverters turn the combination of fans and AC motors into a modern, ecologically sound and efficient performer. Maintenance free and a great investment for your industrial fan ventilation needs.

So Quiet, so Efficient, so ECblue

Combining the latest motor technology and innovative aero dynamics provides unrivalled efficiency and saves on energy costs. Our latest generation of axial fans with ECblue technology, such as the Owlet Fan offer a revolution in fan efficiency. The toothed profile of the rotor makes the fan almost silent and the high performance composite material used in the manufacture process guarantees a longer service life and reliability.

The unique rotor blades combined with ECblue motors achieve unsurpassed aero dynamics, making these fans industry leaders for environmental friendliness. The fans can be used in most application, with temperatures up to 600°C and with high volume flow rates and low noise levels these are certainly one of the best fans on the market.

Want to learn more about our suppliers at Ziehl Abegg? Visit their website at:

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